Questão 678068 - Língua Inglesa e Educação

Secretaria da Educação - CE (SEDUC/CE) 2013

Cargo: Professor de Classe Pleno I - Área Língua Inglesa

Banca: Centro de Seleção e de Promoção de Eventos UnB (CESPE)

Nível: Superior

Língua Inglesa Língua Inglesa e Educação

  • A.

    Teachers should consider organization while also working on grammar and syntax.

  • B.

    Students should be given time to try out ideas and feedback on the content of what they write in their drafts.

  • C.

    Students should be first given sentence exercises, then paragraphs to copy or manipulate grammatically by changing questions to statements.

  • D.

    Only after reaching a high intermediate or advanced level of proficiency are students allowed to try some free compositions.

  • E.

    Teachers should stress quantity of writing rather than quality.